Healthcare Tips for Newborns

PUBLISHED: February 27, 2018

Having a newborn in the house makes everyone happy because they are tiny bundles of joy. However, if you do not give enough care during the first few months, your baby might suffer from many problems as he or she grows up. Also, having a newborn means a lot of crying and late night drama which a lot of mommies and daddies find really difficult to deal with. Here are a few healthcare tips for newborn babies which will help you ease things out.


You don’t have to be to quite

Like many people think, you don’t really have to be very quiet around the baby while he sleeps. The womb is a pretty noisy place and the baby is already used to that. So, you can watch the TV, talk to people, and clean the room while your baby is sleeping. It’s not going to wake up the baby unless there’s any sudden noise which is too loud.

Never let a baby cry for long hours

Sometimes you may feel that no matter what you do, your baby doesn’t stop crying. This doesn’t mean that you should just stop trying and le the baby cry. Letting your baby cry for hours without giving much attention will lead to mental stress and uncontrollable anger when the baby grows up. Babies may cry due to many reasons including hunger, to catch your attention, pain, and sleepiness. There are different methods by which you can help calm your baby if he cries continuously. Swaddling him, shushing, holding him on his side, swinging him from one side to another, or letting him suck on to something are a few ways by which you can calm your baby down.

Breast shields

Breast shields can be used when the babies don’t latch on during breast feeding. Not every baby has a problem with latching on while nursing but if such a problem arises, breast shields will help you continue the feeding.

Don’t feed a sleeping baby

Don’t force-feed your baby when he’s sleeping or almost asleep. This may increase the chances of them choking on the milk. Try to keep your baby awake while you’re feeding him by rubbing his cheeks, hands or back. Once the baby is fed fully, you can put him down for sleep.

The baby’s crib

Newborn babies like the warmth of their mother’s body and they will not be able to sleep well if their crib is not warm. You can use a dryer to warm up the sheets in the crib while you’re feeding the baby and as soon as the baby is asleep, you can cover him up with the warm sheets.

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